Kyle Ethan Fischer




Chimera Spring Rising

The allegorical figure I created was blind-folded like lady liberty leading the people a symbol in many historical paintings. Using bone, branches, needlecraft I am exploring both the masculine and feminine energies and the collective unconscious manifested in the Arab Spring. The crisis in Syria and the populist sentiment that has spread across the globe has created a scenario of tribalism. The half opened door and the figure’s attempt to emerge is made more dramatic by the arms exaggerated in musculature and the hands enhanced with bear, beaver and otter claws. She is a chimera of ideas and the tribalism present is represented by the trenches with toy soldiers guarding borders and staking territory over her body. In addition to the figure emerging a tree emerges absent of foliage or buds, dormant or dead the tree symbolizes liberty and the unknown consequences of war’s outcome. Inside the closet a city of glass made from beakers and scientific equipment grows algae and other aquatic plants the light manufactured nourishment. In this synthetic environment such primordial ooze is a beginning. The trench art tank and plane dropping test tube bombs filled with the material that may incubate such a chimera-like creature to emerge. The Butterfly seated on a branch could also be a result of this metamorphosis. Whether the emergent allegorical figure continues to grow and change and the battles that are taking place on her body subside or the butterfly, the city of glass, or the tree realize potential, one thing is certain fragility is always at the forefront. The hidden tin-type in the wall suggests what once was or what we can become, an image frozen in time, emphemeral, tangential  to time, history, nostalgia, memory and love.



Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014