Kyle Ethan Fischer





The sentinel plays a central role in the movie The Last Witch Hunter.  Production designer Julie Berghoff, set decorator Sophie Neudorfer worked with fellow set fabricator Vaugh Washburn & I to create a physical sculpture that could be used in filming. Lead actor Vin Diesel’s character rides the back of the creature and the creature is meant to come to life from a totem. The idea was that by physically creating the creature the visual and special effects teams would then be able to use actual textures in their digital modeling of the creature in order to animate it. In the first phase we used almost twenty species of animal skulls and other bones, animal hide, tree trunks and branches, steel, wire, string, moss & lichen, soil, clay & papier mache. We wanted the creature to crouch.  He was then supposed to emerge upright.


In the second rendition of the sentinel the supervising art director Tom Reta, director Breck Eisner & visual effects director Richard Bock worked with me in a revision to design a creature that was a cross between a organic transformer, a figure in scorpion pose and a voodoo altarpiece. I conceptualized a drawing in a tarantula like formation and we revised the nearly one ton sculpture. In the end Eisner suggested that I make the face look like a lamprey’s mouth and the sculpture once on the set took on an entirely different mood. Also, once the effects’ team started its transformation the piece looked even more like the design I drew. I was very interested in manifesting a project that had many visceral elements and that’s anatomy could be revised in a number of ways.

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