Kyle Ethan Fischer




Sea Creatures & Blood Vessels

After symptoms of complications had subsided from open-heart surgery, the surgeon had explained that my vascular system was similar to a sea creature. He explained my vascular system was to an extent over-developed and too efficient and therefore over-sensitive. Such sensitivity may have been a contributing factor for the dangerous heart conditions that I had developed.


The spiritual, intellectual & physical journey of unexplained illnesses and the experience of numerous medical procedures culminating in open-heart surgery, led me to explore the idea of meta-consciousness.  It also caused me to confront life and death issues.  Such observations inspire visual experiments and enable conclusions to be drawn between the organs of the human body and how different eco-systems interact.


Could the allelopathic condition of auto-inhibition be a biological condition that takes place between systems in the body as they do with aquatic organisms? Perception and observation are part of a subjective experience that is unique to each patient and how they choose to endure. Often immersed in complex social conditions the patient is afflicted with not just the illness itself but illness' perception and dogma which pervade culture. Through the presentation of systems of metaphors which depict such questions; it is the purpose of this work to allow the viewer insight into personal recovery.

Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014