Kyle Ethan Fischer




Pin Ups

Fischer first began working with pin ups as an outgrowth from his figurative painting background. Fischer had been commissioned to paint several pin up portraits and became interested in the source material that he was using to develop the poses and stylization. Looking at the work of Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, Fischer was intrigued by the mannerism and magnetism that the pin up had and tried to infuse these elements into his own portraiture.


After a long period of working on life-size sculpture or an in-depth series of paintings, the pin ups are a way for Fischer to explore narrative and use his two-dimensional design skills in a less process driven way. Fischer believes in interconnection and the pin up works are a way to bridge and merge both aesthetic and symbolic themes. In this particular series, the symbolic theme centers around Fischer's battle with heart disease. The environments that are created in these works may be his sinus-rhythm, a diagram of the heart or lungs, or a Japanese ocean during a storm: all of which represent the turmoil that one goes through when suffering from illness. The pin ups are metaphors for positive energy or goodwill to combat illness. They are empowered angels with an empowerment to control their world and the birds and narwhals that inhabit it.


Some of the narrative explored is based loosely on creation myths and legends. Fischer  approaches each collage as if it were a vignette. It is his hope that the density he attains in the rest of his artwork is achieved in an accessible and readable way that makes the viewer smile!

Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014