Kyle Ethan Fischer





In dictionaries there are words with many meanings; lexicons include and omit. Humanity’s most distinct trait beside its thumb, is its language. We have an intense need for words and an even greater need to classify, to define. It is this tendency to classify that determines a name and a name determines the meaning. Whether this is concerning children, phyla, places, or feelings we must specify in order to rationalize, to make official, market, or own.


Words are interdependent on the context of the phrase, body of work, and speech they are included in. It is often the author who will define the word. If you find the word Metis in a dictionary there are several meanings - some words have more than others. It may define Metis as a satellite of Jupiter that is closest to the planet, a Titaness who was consort of Zeus, a person of mixed racial ancestry, a crossbred animal, a half-breed, or a person of mixed Native American and French-Canadian ancestry. In its Greek root it means wisdom, in Old French it means of mixed race and its Late Latin root means mixed. Fischer is Metis.


It is often difficult to draw that which Fischer finds parallels or the opposites that coincide together. This is the idea of “coincidata oppositorium” or fruitful synthesis of opposites. Whether he chooses to work in a classical manner or in a more untraditional manner, the marriage or the divorce of the mediums are circumvented for the concept. Fischer's choice in content is also representative of this idea - the threads, often not making sense individually, as one vibrate with the focus as apparent as an after thought.

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