Kyle Ethan Fischer





When illness is presented or meditation mastered, we may become aware of these functions on conscious levels - aware of our own heart beat; able to determine the correct sinus rhythm. As with our own heart beat, the artwork from Fischer's series Meta-Consciousness is his attempt to understand through painting consciousness' the mystical relationship with creator and the systems which interact. In examining these systems, it is important to cultivate a process and produce work which invites the viewer to examine and challenge traditional concepts of space, surface, and color.


Using imagery from scientific journals, ancient mythology, and his sketchbook, Fischer transfers the images onto the ground of the painting like a map or genetic code. The transfer is important in the process because like DNA each emanates from the same resource material; it is through the process it mutates. Often the image is a copy of a copy of a drawing of a copy of a photo. Like a clone or hidden DNA there is a mutation that alters the work. This “under painting” is the basis upon which Fischer chooses to build allowing portions  of the print to appear and disappear. This foundation determines the surface of the work.


Fischer uses remnants of his sculptures, ceramic fibers, and crochet to develop texture. Fischer believes that he is anthropomorphizing the picture plane by creating body identity on a micro scale. The tributaries, seg-ways, and passages may represent topographical views of our earth or an iris, capillary, or neuron. Micro develops a familiar sense of space turned on its side.


Color is integral in both creating space and surface texture; but most important in conveying meaning. Fischer's paintings are involved with interconnectivity as balance with life/nature and references the spirit. Everything has its own spirit and it is through color that Fischer communicates this.

Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014