Kyle Ethan Fischer





Kyle Ethan Fischer exhibited drawings, prints, sculpture, and installation at Zenith. Martyr is a process driven exhibit that explores the entropy of the human condition through a variety of different mediums. Thematically the artwork creates a body identity that physically relates to the viewers causing them to question their own existence in a visceral way akin to the shrines created for Saints’ body parts, horror fiction movies, or news photography of the current or past atrocities. The polarization of religion, politics, and economics has created a divide world wide. The martyr has become to mean much more.


Fischer and artist Sera Swan exhibited selected pieces from their series called "Borderlines" where Persian and American Indian imagery are fused with the ideas of birth and destruction using eggshells, paper, copper, wood, embroidery, and oxidation. Fischer’s series "Smoke Signals" contrasts drawing made with candle smoke and wax with copper cut outs and transfer imagery. Unpredictability of the process contrasted with the deliberate cut out and created both tension and meditation in an iconic way.  The chandelier made out of seemingly human limbs above the dining room harkens back to the catacombs or a horror movie. Fischer's sculptural installation shows human anatomy weaving myth, history, and martyrdom in a painterly and gestural way. The figures can be recognized as both scenes of war or that of a Ribera painting. Intensity, irony, humor, and a questioning authenticity bring many questions to the viewer about the need for and reasons behind the martyr.

Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014