Kyle Ethan Fischer




Liminal Zones

Fischer's artwork is topically inspired by stock footage, important paintings of the past like that of Millet or Daumier, or by historical events. Often times the process leads to a more visceral portrayal of a pose or action but it is in these exaggerations that he believes the artwork becomes more real and tangible to the viewer.


Whether Fischer chooses to weave images of Hurricane Katrina with the symbolism of the Ghost Dance, martyrdom with patriotism, ledger drawings with jihad rugs, genealogy with mythology; it is his intent the viewer not conclude but question both the form and subject matter. In the most desperate hours of life or in our everyday existence, it is important to cling to our own individual spirit and to never loose hope - as when you cease to have hope all your dreams diminish.


It is Fischer's hope that he is able to bring to light important events surrounding us today. It is this form of questioning which he intends to portray to the viewer, mixed: with emotion, in medium, on process, with spirit.

Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014