Kyle Ethan Fischer




Hero Props

After developing works as a set fabricator and creature designer, production designer Julie Berghoff asked to me develop pieces with the prop master Douglas Fox. Many of the pieces had to be worn, thrown, set on fire, or would be destroyed with a blade like a sword. This was an interesting prospect for design.  In addition to keeping the pieces integrity to the location and time period within the movie I needed to make multiple pieces with a process that would allow abuse. In this way I was able to develop methods of attachment that I use in my own art that are resistant to breakage and develop new ways of integrating disparate materials. For instance I had to create two bird totems for Vin Deisel’s character so they would have a back up in case one was lost or destroyed during shooting. His character was to throw the object as well. I deconstructed a plastic human skeleton to emulate bird skeletons and articulated the pieces with attachment processes that would not shatter or break. In addition I painted and aged the prop to have a horrific appearance using my fine art processes. Douglas Fox stated at the end of the production that I had a unique ability to leave my creative signature on the works that I had fabricated for the film.

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