Kyle Ethan Fischer




Dream Vehicles

These sculptures and creative house were executed and shown in the WGN network television series Outsiders.  Art Designer Jonathan Carlson wanted a house that looked like a bird’s nest, a mystical place that may serve as a meeting house, a place of meditation or prayer for the people of Shay Mountain. He also wanted sculptures that decorated and marked the outside of the house. The sculptures were executed quickly with support of the carpenters and scenic teams of IATSE 489. A shout out to the greens department, JT, Allen, Jenn, & Dougie!


Having both the support of the art designer and the Creator Peter Mattei I was given artistic freedom having successfully completed the wolf and other projects for other episodes. In my own work I had been researching Appalachian folk art and Native American wood carving of masks as well as works in Papua New Guinea. Some of the narrative elements in Outsiders involve magical realism. In my chimera series created a piece called Flying Machine based on the premise of what is called a dream vehicle in Papua New Guinea. In PNG some traditional families hang a small sculpture depicting a creature, machine or figure outside their house. It symbolizes the form they take when they fly in their dreams while they sleep. For this location the works presented are based on this idea, whether a turtle, fawn, otter man or bird the idea was to create forms that the characters could take while in a meditative state. I again used salvaged materials from the woods and local areas as well as found objects to embellish. In placement of the forms the idea was to create a sequence in which the viewer would be transported visually to another realm.

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