Kyle Ethan Fischer





The chimera series explores not only the use of media but also the ability of the art object to examine the intent of the viewer and the experience of the watched. I try to incorporate nontraditional materials, such as bones and doilies, into mixed media figurative elements. It's a response to the static act of viewing and my exploration into a work's ability to challenge power dynamics. Creating the pieces are an artistic challenge, visual puns that depicts a chimera-like creature with fantastical anatomy including things like jawbones to make a femur or motor parts, bullets, or toy soldiers to represent other anatomical landmarks that encase a certain symbolism.  The work explores scientific investigation into the human genome and human bacteria genome projects and the ethical dilemmas confronting science and how transitory science, politics, and ethics are. The inclusion of the biological materials with found objects is also a reflection of the current crisis and empowerment affecting populist sentiment and nationalism abroad reflecting the crisis in Europe and the Middle East and an ever increasing global economy and worldview.



Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014