Kyle Ethan Fischer




Chimera, Aqua Art Miami Beach

The previous work surrounded international crisis with the Arab spring, crisis in Syria, Russian invasion, and Paris attacks the current chimera series focuses on “American” experience. The chimeras are totem-like and explore the political, economic and sociological structures that govern science, ethics, and our environment. In the most recent work the inclusion of ephemera, boxes, birdhouses and other found objects work to further the chimera’s place. A para-conceptual scenario is created with this abutment making objects that reference not only the present but the past, future and other elements of consciousness. In process, I am still using the idea of the clone mark and the concept of mutation but using it in an allegorical manner addressing our own national issues of voter suppression, immigration, party politics, religious dogma and the proliferation of the military industrial complex. Division that has been brewing in our own identity has caused a split that needs to be healed. The works suggest this dichotomy and present objects that present an inclusive paradigm.



Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014