Kyle Ethan Fischer




Ancient Totems

For the movie The Last Witch Hunter, I worked with Production designer Julie Berghoff and set decorator Sophie Neudorfer as well as fellow set fabricator Vaugh Washburn to create a physical sculpture that could be used in filming. In many cases we used almost twenty species of animal skulls and other bones, animal hide, tree trunks and branches, steel, wire, string, moss & lichen, soil, clay & papier mache as well as other found objects.  The idea was to create pieces that could have been constructed for ritualistic means looking at photos Berghoff provided based on voodoo practices and ancient objects used in rituals. I tried to develop an aesthetic that created objects in an unpredictable way and that implied horror rather than making it gory. In addition to making the work I had a large part in the painting of the pieces and developed the age and processes in the narrative used.

Kyle  Fischer Art © 2014